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Fun Friday: Goodie-Goodies, The Grinch, and a Dick in a Box!

Fun Friday, Links Dec 09, 2011 4 Comments

It’s that time of the week again, Fun Friday. There
were so many fun posts this week that I can’t wait to share. I realized that the holiday season is in full effect because 1. so many people are blogging about Christmas, and 2. I keep singing Christmas carols in public without realizing it. So, to prepare for the holidays two of my three favorite posts are holiday related.



Myndi Shafer had a hilarious post about the Grinch, where she provides proof that he is actually pregnant.

August McLaughlin’s naughty or nice post explains why it’s ok to be a goody-goody.

Jenny Hansen reminded us about Justin Timberlake’s classic Christmas video, Dick in a Box. I still laugh just thinking about it!

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend.


Fun Friday: Award Time!

Fun Friday Dec 02, 2011 16 Comments

It is Fun Friday again, but I’m doing things in a slightly different way. I was given the Liebster blog award from Laura Stanfill earlier in the week.

Thanks, Laura!


One of the “rules” is that you have to pass the award on to five new blogs of your choice. It’s like Fun Friday, but based on the whole blog, not just a post. I realized something about myself in this process: my favorite blogs are random. I like blogs that are hard to define and don’t have a specific topic. For me, it’s all about the writer’s voice and view of the world. I’m also not so fabulous with anything numbery, so please forgive me if any of the following blogs are not new enough to count as new.

So, here are five new, or at least newish, blogs that I am loving:

1. Ramblings and Rumblings is a hilarious blog that is not really about anything. There are a lot of posts about the Today show that will make you laugh so hard you might actually pee a little. I have drooled on my keyboard several times while reading. It is a funny, snarky commentary on all that is wrong with the world, including People Magazine naming Bradley Cooper the sexiest man alive. Important stuff.

2. Shannyn Shroeder’s blog  is about life and writing, mostly. The post that really got me was about bad first lines. There was even a video. Hilarious. The posts about life have a lot to do with romance and TV, and are always entertaining.

3. Debra Kristi keeps me entertained with funny insights about life and kids, and with her Immortal Monday posts. With characters ranging from Edward, the Twilight vamp, to Thor there is an immortal for everyone. I don’t read a lot of fantasy. Ok, any, actually. But, I have loved myths since I was a kid and I do watch all the movies of the YA novels, so I love the characters. She gives me something to look forward to on Mondays.

4. Jillian Dodd does the best movie reviews I have ever read. Her scoring system is based on dates, ranging from The Walk of Shame (one star) to Happily Ever After (five stars). And they always include pictures. Yum.

5. Near Normalcy is a blog that is about a little of everything, just the kind of blog I like. After reading one post I felt like I had known Alyssa forever. I don’t know her at all and that might not even be her real name. But, her take on the world is so entertaining I can’t help but read and laugh.

I am supposed to list the rules here, so here they are:

  1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
  2. Reveal your top five picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
  4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite bloggers and keep it going!

Happy Friday!


Fun Friday: Sex, Thanksgiving, and Protests

Fun Friday, Links Nov 25, 2011 13 Comments



It is Fun Friday again! There were a lot of great posts out there this week, but I was able to narrow it down to my top three. I
hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


Lessons From Teachers and Twits had a hilarious conversation with her adolescent son about sex, and then posted it on Facebook. For advice, of course.

Jennette Marie Powell separates truth from myth about the first Thanksgiving, and throws in a little modern history of her own. I felt both smart and entertained when I was done reading. That’s a good combo.

Ramblings and Rumblings had something to say about Bradley Cooper being named The Sexiest Man Alive. I agree that he is too much of a douche to be sexy, but my favorite part had to be the Ryan Gosling fans protesting outside of People Magazine. There’s a video. I laughed so hard I actually drooled.

Have a great weekend!


Fun Friday: Laugh Out Loud Links!

Fun Friday, Links Nov 11, 2011 10 Comments


It’s Fun Friday again! I had so much fun reading blogs this week, but these three
stuck out to me as the funniest:


Saturday Night Live did a spoof of the Kardashian divorce. It was hilarious, and I actually like the Kardashians. I think this is a good lesson in learning to laugh at ourselves. I hope the Kardashians all watched and had a good chuckle. Because if we can’t laugh at our own mistakes, life is going to be pretty boring. Oh, and I loved the Kris Humphries impersonation. It really captured what I think of him. I am beginning to wonder why I stopped watching SNL. I don’t stay up that late, but maybe it’s worth recording?


Childhood Relived had a hilarious post about the movie The Goonies and being a latch-key kid. I, too, was home alone starting in third grade and loved the reminder of how much fun I had as a kid, but how scary that would seem today. The TV show references were a little bit before my time, but I remember watching Oprah and Phil Donohue while heating up those little pizza pockets in the oven. Good memories!


Debra Kristi had a guest post by Myndi Shafer that was all about what’s in the underwear drawer. It was a funny read and it got me to thinking. At first I just remembered how I kept all my cash in my underwear drawer when I lived in Ecuador because nobody trusted the banks. But then I remember the time in college where some fraternity boys broke in and stole a bunch of everyone’s underwear. We found them in big plastic bags in the freezer. Most of my friends were mortified, I mostly thought it was a good prank, even though I seem to remember a pair of mine ending up on the frat house flag pole. Yeah, I have good taste in undies. When it was all said and done, I ended up with an official apology letter from the fraternity president, on fraternity letterhead. That letter is still in the back on my underwear drawer today.


If you check out any of these, I’d love to know what you think. Did any posts make you laugh out loud this week?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.



Fun Friday: Links

Fun Friday, Links Nov 04, 2011 12 Comments


It’s finally Fun Friday again. Maybe I’ll start saying
TGIFF! These are some of the posts I enjoyed reading this week. I hope you have
fun with them, too.




  • The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide’s list of top ten cancer
    fighting foods. Because it’s important for all of us to take care of our
    bodies. And I’m trying to convince myself that eating healthy is fun.


  • Clutch magazine online has a list of 3 signs you should
    ditch your dude. These are good reasons, and it seems pretty in line with my
    last post. Maybe Kim read this last week?


  • Who knew there were any upsides to meth dealers? Ellie Ann’s post is a funny look
    at meth and meth dealers. Love the title!


  • OK, so I’m a little obsessed with the Kardashian divorce.
    This Huffington Post article is all about what went wrong, and what non-reality
    stars can do to prevent divorce before it happens.


  • Colin Falconer guest posted on Myndi Shafer’s blog. His post
    is about the importance of story, but ties into rioting in London. It was beautiful
    and interesting, and I felt kind of inspired after reading it.


  • From Ramblings and Rumblings, a funny post about Herman Cain, sexual harassment, and the Today show. Who knew sexual harassment could be so funny?


  • Because it’s fun Friday I think you’ll enjoy Theresa Owen’s post. And probably a lot of the stories took place on Fridays, since it’s basically about drinking and
    hangovers. In the form of a letter to Advil. I laughed so hard at the end, I
    almost spit out my coffee.

Happy Friday!


Fun Friday

Fun Friday, Links Oct 28, 2011 6 Comments

Friday is the official start of the weekend, so I like to find a way to celebrate. My version of TGIF will be Fun Friday, where I share with you all the posts that made me smile or laugh throughout the week. For this first Fun Friday post I will share my favorite Halloween links. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


  • Who is the better heroine, Buffy the vampire slayer or Bella
    Swan from the Twilight saga? Hands down, Buffy. This post from Girls with Pens explains why. Buffy vs. Bella
  • Cracked has a great list of the best superpowers, ranging
    from the expected to kind of out there. Number one is definitely my favorite. Superpowers
  • We are used to defending our less-than-perfect boyfriends to
    our parents, but what about if your boyfriend is an actual monster. The Good Greatsby has a  funny list of pro’s for dating a demon. Tips for Introducing Your Monster Boyfriend.
  • I love looking at pictures of celebrities doing normal
    things that we do. These are pictures of celebs at a pumpkin patch in LA from
    the Huffington Post. Make sure to check out Seal. Do you see what I see? Celebrity Pumpkin Picking
  • Debra Kristi gives us the story of a little girl’s first ghost
    sighting. I’m going with it was just a figment of her imagination because that’s
    what’ll help me sleep better at night, but who really knows. Ghost Story
  • A funny list of costumes that shouldn’t be made sexy, from
    MTV. My favorite is Nemo, from the kids movie. The links are actually the
    pictures, so you can see just what a sexy fish looks like. Sexy Costumes That  Shouldn’t Be
  • This isn’t about Halloween, but it’s hilarious. Natalie
    Hartford tells us about a shirt with a drink holder for a pocket! I know what my dad’s getting for Christmas! Shut The Front Door!


Enjoy the weekend!