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Looks Are Important, Too!

Men Feb 24, 2012 17 Comments
It’s nice to be surrounded by good looking men!

I write about women. My characters are strong women, I hope, who grow and change when faced with challenges. It’s all about the journey, right?

But I also know that reading is entertainment. That’s why I read. To get lost in another place or time and get to know some new people. I love the adventure, the fun, the relationships. The same things I love about writing.

There are men in my stories because there are men in our lives. We have fathers, brothers, lovers, friends, and husbands. They are not the central characters in my writing, but they are important.

I’ve talked a lot about men in movies and how we should have something nice to look at. I mean, what is the point of having Josh Duhmel or Daniel Sunjata in a movie if they leave their shirts on the whole time? The women almost never stay fully clothed.

That made me realize that I need to follow my own advice and make sure there are good looking men in my novels. There is no reason a man can’t be smart, rich, fit, and drop dead gorgeous. It is fiction, after all. Kidding! Sort of. There are good looking men in real life, so why shouldn’t there be in fiction, too?

My real life friends are all beautiful women, and I expect no less from my characters. And just like we should have something to look at in the movies, so should they in their story world. Even the walk-through characters can be handsome. The waiter, the security guard, the bank teller, and the valet parking the car can all be nice to look at.

I say, why not?

I can think of all the beautiful men I know, in real life and on the screen, when I’m writing and let them inspire me. Like a hot, male muse. Shirtless, of course.

What do you think makes a man hot? Do you prefer good looking characters, or average looking characters in the books you read?


17 Responses to “Looks Are Important, Too!”

  1. Reply Elizabeth says:

    Where was the picture taken? Let me guess…Colombia?!! :) All the men are guapo in that country!

    While drop-dead-handsome-with-his-shirt-off is thrilling in a man, what is more mesmerizing is mediocre-looking-with-fabulous-qualities (intelligence, wit, kindness, etc.) and he treats me like a queen. Then somehow, this guy will magically become more handsome…

  2. Reply Karla Robinson says:

    Definitely good looking characters! When they are smart and sensitive and normal it’s great. Kinda like superman, he’s smart and kind, hard working, romantic in away. But under that shirt he’s hot and sexy, and wants to protect you, it’s like a prize in your cereal box, or like assorted chocolates, a surprise in every bite lol.

  3. Reply Coleen Patrick says:

    For me it has to be his personality and character–ithen my mind automatically fills in all the handsome blanks! :)

  4. Reply Karen McFarland says:

    I think the character as he or she is concieved reveals their outward looks as to whether they are good looking or not. More good looking I guess because it does attract the readers imagination. But again, it depends on the character. :)

  5. Reply Debra Kristi says:

    I think it’s the female character that perceives the male character as handsome or sexy for a multitude of reasons. Some of them she may not even be aware of. It is through her perception that the reader normally sees the male character and therefore sees him as good looking and far from normal. If he was perceived as normal than she wouldn’t be crushing on him that much, or not yet. My husband read my book and was dismayed to find that my men were good looking. He said none of them read like him. That would be a matter of his perception. That’s regarding the story. And clearly, what’s inside affects our perception of what’s outside.

    • Reply Emma Burcart says:

      That is such a good point! It is how the female characters see the men that determines if they are attractive. And for me, the inside is what makes the outside attractive, so I wonder how much I influence my characters. Such good points you bring up! Now I want to read your book and see what I think of the characters.

  6. Reply Lena Corazon says:

    Oh boy, I’ve got such a thing for good-looking characters, but sometimes I feel bad that I don’t let the somewhat plain guys and gals get any love. In one of my WIPs, I decided to go out on a limb and tone down my male protag a little bit. Instead of having amazing abs of steel and all sorts of delish male virility, he’s a bit more unassuming — a crooked nose that’s been broken a couple of times, but looks a little awkward instead of rakish and dashing; a sober countenance that contrasts with the ne’er-do-well grin that graces the face of the “other man” in the story (I can’t resist a love triangle); and a physique that’s lean and verges on a little too skinny. It’s his personality that makes up for the rest, I think. He’s steadfast and dedicated, incredibly loyal, someone who can (and will) rescue my female protag from all sorts of scrapes regardless of the danger to his own person. It’s definitely an experiment for me, so we’ll see how it goes!

  7. Reply Natalie Hartford says:

    The male characters I love most are the ones who are good looking but maybe not super model hot. Good looking, solid guys who surprise us in how they support and fall in love with our fav female lead. They do amazing things, surprising things that help us regain and retain our faith in good men and in love! Awwwwwww….LOL!!

    • Reply Emma Burcart says:

      That sounds nice. Pretty much what we like in real life. But I’m thinking that the walk-through characters might as well be hot. They aren’t around much to get to know. They just hand the protag her latte and say “Have a nice day.” So they might as well look good doing it!

  8. Reply August McLaughlin says:

    I like to leave much of my character’s appearance up to the reader’s imagination. That said, I do generally reveal how the main character feels about his/her appearance and the appearance of his/her significant other.

    For me personally, I’m pretty turned off by “glamourous” guys. (No offense, to those reading this!) Though it does boil down more to personality, values, etc., I tend to dig the more rugged or “real” looking guys. And their appearance definitely grows more attractive over time, or less, when we’ve broken up. LOL

    Great post, lady! Hope all’s well. :)

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