Another Mile

Another Mile: A Novel

Infos Apr 19, 2010 7 Comments

Twenty six year old Grace Klein is tired. Tired of feeling fat, hating her body and herself. So she decides to run a marathon. She wants to show her skinny best friend, her preoccupied boyfriend, and the world that she has what it takes to run over twenty six miles in less than four hours. And she wants to post it on her Facebook page for her mother to see.

Then her best friend Bobbie signs up for the race and Grace is determined to finish first at least once in her life. Along the bay front course in Newport, Oregon Grace meets a mother-daughter team who actually like each other, a teacher running for her student with cancer, and a doctor who makes her reconsider what she wants in a boyfriend. With each mile she relives her childhood and her dysfunctional relationships with her mother and food, and the self hate they caused. Grace has to dig deep and discover the strength she never knew she had and the truth that was in front of her all along. She doesn’t know if she will finish the race, but she will not end up the same woman who started it.

7 Responses to “Another Mile: A Novel”

  1. Reply Monique Liddle says:

    Emma –
    This sounds like something I would like to read! Where can I purchase this novel?


  2. Reply Vero Najas says:

    Sounds like a great novel! I hope you get it published soon.


  3. Reply About Emma says:

    [...] in Newport, Oregon was my first and favorite marathon, and the inspiration for my first novel, Another Mile. Unlike the protagonist in the novel, I did not meet anyone interesting along the way. I live and [...]

  4. Reply Jeff Brown says:

    Hey Emma it’s Chip’s friend Jeff Brown. I am an aspiring novelist too! I am thinking about the MFA route. Good luck in Miami!

  5. Reply Shawn says:

    “Grace meets a mother-daughter team who actually like each other” – hidden meaning?

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